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LEONARDO - modelle 260/300/360/400


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The new lathe LEONARDO is a machine designed to be extremely easy to use, functional and, at the same time, speedy, reliable and precise.

Since 1958 COMEV has always been producing parallel lathes with the will to improve its products. As a result of this considerable experience, new technical solutions have been introduced.

A Pentium-type industrial PC, with simplified software, directly controls the machine. This software is interfaced with CNC Z 32, which allows using the machine without any knowledge of programming languages or numerical controls.

The particular attention, always given by our Company both to the ergonomics and the design of its products, has led us to charge Decursu Design, an industrial architecture studio, with this project.

Thanks to our active collaboration with Decursu Design, the lathe LEONARDO won the Golden Compass Award – 18th ADI 1998 edition - for its innovative design. For this reason, we may say that LEONARDO represents Italian Style, which has made our Country famous all over the world.


It consist in a though G.25 cast-iron box. It is vibration proof, thanks to its ribs and houses a spindle-shaft, which is made of Ni-Cr-Mo special steel, carburized, casehardened and ground.

It is mounted on a set of three precise skew contact ball bearings. All bearings are grease lubricated (for life). The spindle is equipped with a CAM-LOCK connection, assuring interchangeability, steadiness, precision, and security in assembling and disassembling the chucks.


It is a robust 630 cast iron bench, which undergoes a natural seasoning, before starting the machining, so to remove all internal tensions due to the smelting it self. This adjustment, added to an accurate machining, assures high precision and a long average life.


All supporting legs are made of G25 cast iron, resistant and provided with ribs to get a stiff and vibration free bedframe.


The carriage is a well-shaped and resistant G30 cast iron fusion, running over slides, which are coated with antifriction and hand-scraped material. The transverse carriage’s swallowtail is induction tempered and ground. It is equipped with conical gibs, which are laterally and underneath adjustable, so that they ensure precise performances and steadiness. Both the transverse saddle and the toolholder support are made of G30 cast-iron and provided with conical gibs to make the slacks’ take up possible. The toolholder group can be moved, through a hexagonal slot screw, along the transverse slide and stopped, on the desired position. The lead screws of both “Z” and “X” axes are protected and characterised by ball recirculation. These screws are quipped with lead nuts, which have been previously charged at “0” and ground in ISO5 precision class. On the carriage there are graduated and easy readable drums for the axes. The slideways of the transverse saddle, the carriage’s ones of the lathe bed, as well as the lead screws are lubricated through timed electric oil pump.


CNC unit made of a PENTIUM type industrial PC (or further versions).

Spindle with CAM LOCK connection; motor and spindle drive, both supplied through alternating current (without brush and maintenance).

Carriage-slides coated with antifriction material

Axes and ball recirculation screws’ lubrication through an automatic / hand driving gear pump.

X-Z axes’ brushless motors and c.a.-powered drive; precise ball recirculation screws.

Low voltage control panel.

Complete fairing with sliding doors and lighting of the work zone.

Complete cooling System for chip vat, extractable thanks to its drums/wheels.

Steady and follow rests.

380/50 Volts feeding.

Self-centring faceplate, fixed centres reduction bush for spindle cone, hexagonal band wrench set, instruction and maintenance manual.

2 days long programming course at COMEV.


Hand chuck

Hydraulically controlled chuck

Manual turret

4 positions vertical electric turret.

8-12positions horizontal electric turret.

12 positions motorized horizontal electric turret with C axe


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