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Currently this is the heaviest duty lathe series from Comev with massive floor mounted bed 1.4 metres wide providing continuous support enabling bed lengths to give capacity up to 12 metres between centres and swings over bed of 1,015 to 2,030 mm. To provide stiffness when turning the very large diameters these machines have a third supporting guide way for carriage as the TITANO, plus a set of vee and flat guide ways for the tailstock in addition to those for the carriage. These lathes are fully guarded, have work area lighting and fully comply with all international safety standards. There is great potential for customisation from a very wide range of available options. Special requirements are also catered for using Comev’s highly competent design engineers and in-house manufacturing facilities.
The flexibility of these machines is complimented by the very comprehensive and easy to programme and operate CNC control system and is equipped to be used in “Manual Mode”



It consists of a heavily ribbed G25 cast iron casting housing the main spindle assembly and gearing that provide three speed ranges to give the necessary torque for large components that these machines will accommodate. The spindle mounted on precision bearings is driven by a 57 Kw motor. As an option the spindle can have full “C” axis capability. The lathe is available with spindle bores 230 and 310 mm and spindle nose ASA 15” and 20” respectively.



The bed is a massive G30 cast iron casting having thee ways guides to support the carriage and separate set of guide ways for the tailstock allowing the carriage to pass the tailstock. The bed is stress relieved before machining. All the guide ways are hardened and precision ground including the under shears.



The carriage is a well-proportioned G30 cast iron casting and runs on vee and flat and the additional supporting guide way. The contact surfaces with the bed are coated with anti-friction material and are hand scraped to the bed. The cross-slide dovetails are hardened and ground. The cross-slide is equipped with tapered gibs for eliminating clearance. Precision preloaded recirculating ballscrews to ISO 5 are used on both X and Z axes. Handwheels are provided on the carriage for enabling the axes to be electronically moved by hand in increments of 0.001 / 0.010 and 0.100. The X and Z axis ways and ballsrcews are lubricated by an automatic lubrication system.



The heavy duty tailstock is fitted with a hardened and ground 300 mm quill diameter. The quill has a No. 6 Morse Taper. As standard it is fitted a hydraulic positioning and clamping device. A facility is available to position the tailstock along the bed by using the carriage or rack and pinion device.



A wide range of accessories are available including; manual and hydraulic chucks, manual tool holder systems, 4 way automatic vertical toolholders, 8 and 12 station automatic disc turrets with and without driven tools, “C” axis, grinding units, hydraulic tailstock quill / clamping / powered movement, hydraulic steadies, chip conveyors, etc.


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