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GOLD & GOLD - modeles 320/400


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The T.O. lathe is a machine specifically designed for turning chains. It has a chip saving basin made directly on the bed and its carriage slides are misaligned and independent of the head-tailstock line. These properties make T.O. lathe be the ideal machine for chain turning workings.

Main spindle

Large bush on back side and two cone-shaped roller bearings on front side support the rounding main spindle shaft. The lubrication system is oil bath type. The spindle shaft is made with Ni-Cr steel and it is case-hardened, quenched and ground. The bush and roller bearings are adjustable, so that end play removing operations are possible.

The electric motor is in the bedframe. Motion is driven from motor to spindle shaft by pulleys and trapezoidal driving belts.

The rotation speed of the spindle can be varied by means of the pedal keyboard or the potentiometer on the control board.

Each drive system can be selected by switch. The first is used for turning operations and the second for chain windings.


The bed is made with very strong cast iron and it undergoes really thorough ageing and stabilizing processes, so that it never buckles.

Moving slides are induction-hardened and ground. Adequate dimensioning and accurate placing of ribs give high stiffness to the framework.

Bed and basin are sole casting so that all chips can be recovered.

Carriage and trolley

Carriage and trolley are heavily dimensioned. They have wide sliding and bearing surfaces and also conical gibs allowing side and end play removing.

Carriage sliding surfaces are lubricated by manual driven pump and also covered and protected by iron shields.

The apron

This contains all control parts for longitudinal feed which can be automatic or manual.

A proper clutch, located at the outcoming of the feed box, saves motor from possible overloads and makes the use of automatic stop. It is necessary to keep the clutch adjusted at the minimum.

The tailstock

This is really strong and has wide bearing surfaces. Inside the sleeve there is a turning shaft equipped with the same bush and roller bearings used for the main spindle.

The working cylinder is fixed by two tie rods on spindle shaft and on sleeve.

The sleeve can also follow, without any constraint, thermal bucklings of cylinder saving all parts of the machine from the overloads due to these bucklings.

In the back side of tail-stock there is a sleeve stop that must be put at about two millimetres from the sleeve.

This element can be an effective safety system whenever one of the two fixing tie roads would break.

Standard accessories

Self-centring faceplate – Spindle taper reducing bush – Instruction manual – Matt chromium plated levers and handwheels – Tie road.


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