Traditional MT

caratteristiche tornio parallelo tradizionale

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The characteristics

A classical, high quality line.

The result of the Italian tradition of machine tools, the MT lathe model is the machine that must always be found in any workshop. Regardless of whether it is used often or sporadically, it is always ready to give its best when used in maintenance, tooling and special machining. With attention to detail, but with no frills, it is a high quality lathe where the components are made to last.


Monobloc casting in various shaft heights, it contains an 8+8-speed gearbox with geometric progression. Equipped with a mechanical dual clutch or electrical dual clutch on certain models, ISO 5 quality gearing, casehardened, tempered and ground to obtain gear precision and low noise level.

CAM LOCK 6” spindle bore 52 or 62 casehardened, tempered, finely ground and assembled on super-precision tapered roller bearings, assuring such machining roughness levels to eliminate the need for certain grinding processes on the pieces. Thermally stable and lubricated with oil from the special gear pump.

Norton Box

The enclosed monobloc casting in an oil bath contains gears and shafts in C40, tempered, ground and mounted on bearings. It can obtain 72 feed rates and 52 threading pitches without external gear changes in the various Metric, Whithworth, Diametral Pitch, English systems.


The suitably sized carriage is rigid and stable in the various machining modes whilst still being agile and sensitive during operations with the mechanical handwheels. Finely machined lead screws in 38 NcD4 steel with high resistance bronze nuts. The main carriage, which is finely scraped by hand for perfect coupling with the bench, is equipped with adjustment jibs. The oil bath control box is equipped with splined bars and casehardened and tempered worm screw. The start-up levers that control the head’s clutch are equipped with tempered mechanisms to guarantee long-term performance. Transverse carriage equipped with T-slots to fit any accessories.


Monobloc casting with adjustable bed, finely scraped by hand for perfect coupling with the bench, equipped with casehardened, tempered and ground sleeve with Vice taper housing and extraction slot.

Accessories supplied

Cam Lock flange, fixed and mobile steady rests, fixed points, spindle bore reduction taper, coolant tank complete with electric pump and wheels, steel spindle shield, carriage shield, adequately thick rear sheet metal guard, complete technical documentation, service keys.

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