CDR 20

tornio banco inclinato
tornio banc inclinato cdr20

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baco inclinato tornio

 The characteristics

Comev CDR series, enhances the production range Comev created to offer our customers an additional opportunity to meet their production needs with a single partner. Comev has the widest range of turning Europe into conventional parallel configuration for up to inclined bed.

CDR 20

Arrive CDR 20, the first of a new range of slant bed lathes Comev with a classical model, but it receives the consolidated Z32 performance numerical control machine that is applied in parallel bench.

Flexibility, speed, precision, style and durability make this machine a new line of development that will soon be integrated with bigger models. The programming of part programs is in ISO format, or assisted by interactive package Lathe + +, also to maintain an existing approach is possible programming on G Code Fanuc style!

tornio banco inclinato comev
controllo numerico cdr20 banco inclinato


Comev together for over 15 years with the D. Electron Florence, a manufacturer of CNC and servo drives, install on the new series CDR a powerful CNC PC-based Linux real time that allows an immediate approach of ‘operator using the software conversational is continuously developed the business needs of all customers. In ‘perspective to be closer to the final customer, Comev can customize their machines and software to solve particular workmanship. The CNC is equipped with cycles roug-shaping, finishing, pre-finishing, facing, relief, cylindrical-conical gears for threading, drilling tool with or with-out  motorized, milling of polygons and key milling.

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